I didn’t get to watch the episode last night. Overall how did you all like it?

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i dont even interpret “uwu” as a smiley i just read it as “oo woo”

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Take my mind and take my pain like an empty bottle takes the rain - SN: 09x16
Tom Odell - Heal

As we lay in stillness, you whisper to me, ‘promise you stay with me’

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Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been on that much!

I’ve been extremely busy these last few weeks and will continue to be very busy for the next few weeks.

I will try to get on a few times of I can!

Thanks for being patient!
Love you all!



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Scientists Now Think This Is What Dinosaurs Looked Like

Forget everything you know about dinosaurs. Those big scary reptiles you saw in Jurassic Park? Wrong. That they later evolved into birds? Bogus. That they hatched from eggs? Completely fabricated. That they had rough, lizard-like skin? Not even close.

Groundbreaking new research from a team at the University of Chicago suggests that dinosaurs actually probably looked a lot more like Corgis.

Yes, those derpy little dogs that have become stars on the Internet are our closest living link to the age of the dinosaurs.

"We’ve identified previously unnoticed characteristics in the fossil record that led us to this startling discovery," said Professor Mason Waddington, who co-authored the paper in this month’s Annals of Paleontology about the findings. According to Waddington, the Corgi pup specifically seems to share a very strong link with dinos.

"They may look cute, but at its core, that is a ferocious beast of the past," he said.

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Anonymous asked: Why did you never finish the tennis destiel fic your were writting?? I Loveeeeed it!

Thank you anon! The main reason is that my life is super busy right now! I might have more time when summer rolls around and I can update a bit more. Thanks for being patient!

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SPN season one that promo aired overseas and not in the U.S.

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P A S T E L S U P E R N A T U R A L 

Dean: 7.03 Requested by lennisters

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that boy is a bottom

"Cas has the best cumshots ever. It just shoots right out, splurting everywhere, hot liquid all over Dean’s face. All over his eyes and his cheeks and his lips, all over his tongue. It leaks down his chin and his neck, and it tastes so freaking good. And it’s even better when the strong hand grasps into his hair urges him to come forward, to tilt back and open his mouth even more, to take Cas down his throat and suck the cum out of his beautiful dick. Dean’s wet lips always wrap so hungrily around Castiel, and his throat tightens as he’s swallowing the hot liquid. And he doesn’t even need the guidance of Cas’ hand to bury his face between the quivering legs, into the musky, leaking pubes, mouthing the wet cock and the hot skin of his lower stomach as even more cum squirts out all over him. It’s like Cas can’t stop, can’t stop moaning and howling and cumming, into Dean’s hair, neck and his shoulders, and Dean grips on to the strong thighs, sucking the balls and humming against the skin. And when he’s finally relaxing, Cas affectionately caresses Dean’s shoulders, keeping his face nudged into his crotch, because as always it’s all too much, and Cas doesn’t even need to order Dean to touch himself anymore, he does it automatically, and it never lasts long before he’s adding his own lot to the mess. Cas’ crazy cumshots are always the best part of the night."

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Anonymous asked: wow you've gotten way too fat for Tennant's doctor. shame.




dear anon (please read it with the coldest irony in the f@^$^$ universe)

MAYBE you should go see the doctor, coz I might have suspisions that you are blind.  Very blind. ALMOST WITHOUT F EYES 

Charlie is one of the most slim and perfect guys I know, and if you think I don’t know a lot of people then you are wrong. I, unlike you, have eyes, good ones even, and I know Charlie.


Someone being fat/skinny isn’t the issue here. The issue here is that this person assumes that fat people cannot cosplay.

Which is false.

Anyone can be whoever they want.

Defending against someone being called “fat” is not the way to go about this. There’s nothing wrong with being fat.

There is something wrong with telling someone they are unfit to cosplay though. Shame on this anon.

Do your thing Charlie!

Regardless of weight or anything else!

off to watch captain america in imax!!

then doing a color run!

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